Trouble At Hogwarts is the second episode of Potter Puppet Pals.


Harry, Ron, and Hermione talk about how great Hogwarts is, but then Dumbledore comes in with bad news: Voldemort is terrorizing Hogwarts. Snape comes up, about to use the avada kedavra spell, but it only farts. Voldemort kills Snape with the avada kedavra spell. Ron runs away screaming in horror, while Harry and Hermione run away. Ron then runs back, shoving Voldemort saying "bother," then runs away. He comes up with an idea on how to stop Voldemort. The kids hide, making Voldemort go where he can't see them, telling them that they're where Voldemort is going. Then Harry and the gang jump out killing Voldemort with guns.
Trouble At Hogwarts

Voldemort's death

Snape then comes back alive. Happy that Snape's back, everyone hugs Snape. Then Dumbledore, who is now naked, comes and joins the group hug and says " Alas, a cornucopia of love!" Then says to the audience, "The End!"

Follow The ButterfliesEdit

Follow The Butterflies is an easter egg in the episode. If the viewer pauses the video when Voldemort kills Snape and presses the right arrow, he or she can see the frames of the animation. When the green laser shows a star in one frame, and the viewer clicks on it, Follow The Butterflies can be viewed. It shows Ron singing while playing with butterflies. Then Hermione jumps up saying "Ronicus explodicus," blowing Ron's head off. Then the main episode picks up where it left off.
Follow The Butterflies

Follow The Butterflies