Snape tells Dumbledore about a life-changing dream he had, but then Harry comes in alerting Dumbledore about Ron getting trapped in an alternate dimension. Dumbledore helps Ron get out, but when he gets out, we see that Ron has become a cool teenager named Ronaldo, complete with a leather jacket and sunglasses. Dumbledore says Ron's cooler than Harry. Then everyone has a beach party, except Harry. Jealous, Harry stops the party and
The Vortex

The "beach party in London."

changes Ron back to normal. Then he starts the party again and sings about himself. After the song, Everyone tells Harry they love him.

Song LyricsEdit

My name is Harry Potter, I'm the king of the school

I'm better than everybody in the school

I'm hip and I'm awesome, all the girls know my name.

H-H-Harry Potter, huh-huh, that is my name.

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, do the shooby-doo-woop! (Shooby doo-woop x2)

I defeated Voldemort when I was a baby

I was even awesome when I was a baby

Both my parents died when I was a baby

I grew up abused, without any love

Harry Potter (Shooby doo-woop!)

Harry Potter (Shooby doo-woop!)

Harry Potter (Shooby doo-woop x2)

That's Me!

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