This is a complete list of wizard swears shown in "Wizard Swears."

  1. Cauldron Bum
  2. Son of a Banshee
  3. Swish and Flicker
  4. Voldemort's Nipple
  5. Dragon Bogies
  6. Expecto Patronads
  7. Jiggery Pokery
  8. Blast-Ended Skank
  9. Broom Head
  10. Hagrid's Buttcrack
  11. Leprechaun Taint
  12. Unicorn Turds
  13. Mugglef***ing Troll-sh**
  14. Floppy-Wanded Dementor Boggerer
  15. Dobby's Sock
  16. Flapdoodle
  17. The Elder Swear[*][**]
    You must never repeat it to anyone. Ever!

[*] Super-Ancient, Lost to the Ages, Olden-Times Wizard Swear

[**] Your mother is a (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep)-ing (Bleep) lorem ipsum (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) Admitumvenium (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) treguna (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) hippopotamus (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) Republican (Bleep) (Bleep)-ing Daniel Radcliffe (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) with a bucket of (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) in a castle far away where no one can hear you (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) soup (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) with a bucket of (Bleep) (Bleep) Mickey Mouse (Bleep) (Bleep) with a stick of dynamite (Bleep) magical (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) Alakazam

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